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I can't get enough of these guys or watching them perform...check out more tunes by the Black Keys


pretty cool interview snipit...check out more Nirvana and Foo Fighters
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Source: Kevin Mazur/WireImage via Source: Kevin Mazur/WireImage via

Dave Navarro and Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction perform at Sean Parker's Celebration of Music in San Francisco. The Killers, Snoop Dogg and Kaskade also performed at the bash.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tom Waits New Album "Bad As Me" out 10/25/11

His first new album of all new music in 7 years... here's a sneak peek.

More footage of Tom being inducted into the hall of fame by Neil Young and performing 'Rain Dogs' in March 2011


Here's a few clips of Buddy Guy at the BellyUp Tavern yesterday in Solano Beach. He'll be coming to Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco this Monday, 9/26/11 and then Van Duzer Theatre in Arcata, CA on Wednesday the 28th. Promises to be a spectacular show.


Over but not done...can't get enough of The Black Keys


The long anticipated movie with Johnny Depp- looks like fun. Take a look at Hunter S. Thompson's interview with Charlie Rose below where he discusses the book a bit...


Check out more from Foster the People


Phenomenal performance across the board, but check out Prince here... it's quite a compliment to be given the guitar solo and when he's done, he walks off like 'yeah, I rocked it!' and- he did..!